TMUC Career Development Centre

TMUC Career Development Center focus is on collaboration and connectivity among the leading employers; in public and private sector of Pakistan. We inculcate and articulate intellectual debates, symposiums, seminars, discussion forums, industry placements & connectivity are key deliverables at TMUC CDC.

At CDC our team of professional trainers and counselors offers graduate education and professional development training programs for Human Resource, Finance, IT, Marketing, Supply chain and Procurement. We welcome stakeholders to collaborate and become part of the Career Development Centre of the leading Transnational Education provider of Pakistan.

TMUC Job Centre under the portfolio of CDC assists employers to find the best talent pool in the discipline of business management, computing, law, finance, interactive media and fashion studies. TMUC is proud of their student’s academics as well as professional grooming skills which makes them employer ready to take on the challenges of the corporate world. TMUC Alumnis are working in private and public sector organizations across the globe in different areas of business.

CDC Services

Career and Job Placements

TMUC have proudly appointed its students and alumnis for internships, management trainee programs and job placements in the departments of finance, business, fashion design and law. More than 180 students have been appointed through CDC across Pakistan.

TMUC arranges job fairs in collaboration with leading employers for its alumni and current students to ensure placements and internships. Employers have a chance to interact with the students and initiate the first round of selection by doing resume screening and initial interview. It gives a fair chance to the students for interacting with the employers and talking to industry representatives.

Professional Development and Graduate Education

TMUC CDC offers mentoring sessions to the aspiring professionals in technical and soft skills for increase efficiency of workforce. We have certified trainers to fit your business needs. In addition to core curriculum, TMUC will provide soft-skills training, in the areas of grooming, personality development, report writing, change management, presentation skills and any technical knowledge areas as requested or desired by the organization. We also assist in providing volunteering opportunities for social causes.

Industry Academia Partnerships

TMUC is the pioneer in holding industry academia partnerships across all major cities of Pakistan. Till date we have held five symposiums since 2016 focusing on Industry Academia Partnerships. Each symposium had a different theme derived from leading research reports. Representatives from corporates and academia as well as government official were the attendees of the sessions. The symposiums focus on building the gap between industry needs and future skills required for the challenging world.

Executive Education programs with corporate package

TMUC also facilitate the provision of tuition for professional qualifications and skill based qualifications within the organization given a batch of minimum 25 candidates. Training and knowledge will be imparted via experienced tutors. Since, provision of tuition will be conducted within the premises utilizing its own infrastructure and facilities; TMUC is in a position to offer a discounted rate. Corporate rates can be discussed and agreed between the two parties depending on mutual agreement.

International Industry Outreach

TMUC believes in co-creation of knowledge and we work directly with international education providers to build our intellectual capital. Professional development of students is mutually reinforced through active knowledge and experience sharing. We arrange educational visits for engagement and relevance. We are proud to opt for knowledge transfer options and we provide advice, training and support to partners around the globe that want to grow by commercializing their research. CDC works closely with the students to increase their profile to work in a global and competitive environment.

Research and Collaboration

TMUC is an institution of higher learning offering United Kingdom’s TNE in Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Professional Skills; Accounting, Laws, Social Sciences, Fashion, Design, Computing, Hospitality, Media, Construction, Teaching and Business Education. By bringing a range of international qualifications TMUC focus is on research and collaboration for students aspiring to venture their area of interest. We have articulated collaborative partnerships, affiliated and supportive arrangements with renowned International Institutions, Universities of Higher Learning and Professional Bodies to assist students in their respective goals.

TMUC Millennial Incubator Center

TMUC have Fashion and Business Incubation Centre designed to support the next generation of entrepreneurs in Pakistan graduating from TMUC. The mission is to help grow and sustain the businesses of the students studying Business and Fashion & Textile Program.

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