• The only institute in Pakistan to have received the University of London Global Netwroks Grant 2014 a 120 centers applied and we won the grant on the basis of the idea and proposal of a ‘Transnational Study Buddy Society’ for all the International Programmes students in the world.
  • We had two first class honors this year which means that these graduating class students secured 8-10 or more distintions through out their course.
  • Our students Munazza Ijaz world topped in Financial Management and our LLB student Masham Sheraz Topped in Pakistan in Tort Law.
  • Two of our students got selected last year for an LSE general course only 7 students in the 150 years of International Programmes history got selected for an LSE general course and two were from TMUC last year out of the 20,000 world wide.
  • Our portfolio is increasing every year we are becoming the fastest growing transnational provider with a purpose built facility for International programme students.
  • Our graduates work in MNC’s and UN organs and one of the finest Financial institutions around the world.