Level 6 Diploma in Hospitality Management QCF

sad The Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) is the UK’s leading professional awarding body for qualifications in the specialist growing hospitality and tourism sector worldwide. The Confederation’s Professional Skills Programmes are different from its Management Programmes in that they are specifically designed to develop the student’s hands-on, practical job skills, typically by way of shorter highly-focused skills training.   Each CTH professional skills programme is a specialised qualification, carefully designed to meet the unique training needs of a particular practitioner role within the travel and tourism industry. The Millennium University College, Pakistan is an approved teaching center of CTH qualifications. Over the last 30 years CTH has focused on developing and adding value to careers in the industry, globally. CTH was established in 1982 as a specialist professional body in the UK to focus on the training needs of new entrants to the hospitality and tourism industries, and now has accredited colleges worldwide delivering sought after CTH qualification. We provide a ladder of progression in Tourism, Travel and Hospitality qualifications at Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Graduate Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma level, and our qualifications provide appropriate academic preparation for students to apply for entry onto their final year degree programmes and Masters top us programs. This route delivers well trained and qualified employees and leaders for the sector.

Level 6 Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management QCF

Syllabus Overview

Level 6 Diploma in tourism and hospitality Management QCF (Ofqual ref: 601/2082/4)
Candidates must achieve: ·         all 2 Mandatory units, providing 80 credits, and plus 2 units from optional group, giving 60 credits i.e. a total of 140 credits
Min credit (Mandatory units): 140 Max credit (Mandatory units): 140
Min GLH for qualification: 560 Max GLH for qualification: 560

This programme is CTH’s ultimate undergraduate level award and has been expressly designed to provide equivalent learning to that provided by a British university bachelor’s degree programme in hospitality and tourism. In fact, graduates of this programme are able to convert their award into a recognised British university bachelor’s degree from Binary University or BPP University College simply by completing an additional dissertation. The programme is designed as 140 credit qualification in international hospitality and tourism management, covering all the key management skills required for a management career in the sector. Students will attend a course of study of not less than 560 guided learning hours comprised of a mixture of tuition and guided self-study. Admission requirements The selection of students for courses at Diploma level is at the discretion of the educational establishment operating the course. Students must have completed formal secondary education and have at least English IELTS 5.5 level or equivalent. Note: Credit entry is available to graduates of the CTH Level 4 Diploma or Level 5 Diploma or equivalent. Pathways Students who successfully complete the Level 6 Diploma can go on to convert it to a university bachelor’s degree in hospitality & tourism from Coventry University College (UK), BPP University College (UK)* or Binary University (Malaysia). Credit entry to the very final stages of bachelor’s degrees from other universities are also available. Students may also opt to progress on to postgraduate study with the CTH Level 7 Diploma, as well as to masters’ degrees at selected universities. Please enquire for full details of current pathways available. http://www.cthawards.com/qualifications/management-programmes/level-6-diploma-in-tourism-and-hospitality-management-qcf/

Career Opportunities

Hospitality industry is global and one of the biggest employers in the world. Out of every 100 people, 10 are employed in the hospitality sector. But there is an immense shortage of skilled workers in the field, creating numerous employment opportunities annually for ambitious and career-oriented people across the world. This industry is meant for you if you aspire to pursue an international career. You will find job opportunities in different countries irrespective of your geographical boundaries. This experience will not only increase your knowledge of different languages and cultures but will also gradually make you a sought-after employee throughout the globe. You can start your career as a front desk officer, guest relations’ officer, cook, porter, housekeeper and then move on to higher positions as your experience grows. Hospitality industry allows you to develop your own combination of skills according to your interests, and to find a position corresponding to your own strengths and areas of interests leading to Manager, supervisor. Programme description download  

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Level 6 Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management QCF

The Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) is the UK’s leading professional awarding body for qualifications in the specialist growing hospitality and tourism sector worldwide